Sharaj Ambulance Services was started in 2006 giving students an opportunity to attend and assist in real life medical emergency situations.

Sharaj Services utilises our rapid response vehicles to go out to scenes and stabilise patients while waiting for ambulance services to arrive. Due to the influx of calls, we have opened our own private Emergency Service. With 35 years experience we utilize our knowledge and expertise to manage our Private Ambulance Service. Our vehicles, equipment and staff are equipped to handle disasters as well as major incidents. We assist in body recovery, search and rescue in mountainous terrain, dams and rivers.

Sharaj Services also assists with training, stabilising and rescue courses that benefit the individuals and communities. 


Over 12 Years ago our vision, dedication, passion and actions of the Mahabeer team have brought recognition to Sharaj Ambulance Service. Our passion led us to recognise the need for quality and equal treatment to all patients whether on medical aid or non-medical aid. 

 Sharaj Ambulance Service has a dedicated caring team who are very passionate about emergency care. 

Over the years we have built a large network with all emergency services and medical facilities in and around the UThukela district. 


CPD - Continued Professional Development Training and Workshops

All our staff have on-going training to keep themselves consistently updated. We also hold random simulations to improve, motivate and keep our team confident when dealing with all emergency situations.

We assists with sharing our expertise in the following accredited courses:

- American Heart Association BLS

- First Aid Training Level 1-3

- Fire Fighting Level 1-2

- Basic Health & Safety


- Communicable Diseases.

- HIRA (Hazard Identification Risk Assessment) Training Courses

Sharaj Services has an open library and computer Lab for all staff. Team building exercises also form part of our continued curriculum.


Rescue Services - Motor Vehicle and Mountain Rescue

Having rescue on hand is an advantage as there is no time delay in treating patients or in extrications. We perform extrications (rescue) for heavy (HMV) and light motor vehicles (LMV) as well as steep slope, high angle mountain rescues. Sharaj Services has vast experience in Vessel entries.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to overcome difficult extrication and entrapment processes. Our Rescue Team attend on-going training in order to keep our internal skill levels updated and of high standards.

We are updated on chemical spillage and work closely with the local fire departments to make sure all environmental and health standards are kept. Our personnel have experience working on heights, confined spaces as well as gas monitoring on industrial plants.  

Sharaj Services assists with most Primary cases in Ladysmith and the surrounding areas; we also provide long distance transfers to various facilities across the country.

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